Don’t Worry, You Too Can Content Market Like the Fortune 500


Building and sustaining a robust content marketing program for your brand is a withering prospect.

Who will write compelling, entertaining and useful blog posts, source or create original graphics and video, maintain and grow an HTML-based email list and cross-post on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat?

(Not to mention seeking out and sharing/backlinking content with other complementary blogs or platforms to raise your organic SEO, putting your content in front of a wider audience?)

Good news. You really can meet and beat those Fortune 500 brands and their behemoth budgets on their own turf. 

For two reasons: 

1. Many big brands are mired in their own bureaucracy and can’t move as quickly or adeptly as you –a hungrier, less risk-averse competitor–can.

2. Big brands are still confused about what social media and content marketing is or isn’t, and often proceed clumsily at best.

Even when the big guys have dedicated staff in place,they still aren’t sure how to really connect on a visceral level, in an authentic way, with their customers, clients and prospects.

So: Maybe (probably) you KNOW that you need to be active across the digital landscape. You KNOW you can’t rely on trade ads in print pubs, or a few random videos that you hope will go viral, or one blog post a week that is rarely if EVER cross-posted, promoted or re-purposed in well written direct email blasts.

And, you probably also know, or are about to find out, that besides paying for someone to produce and promote your content you are also going to have to pay for space on Facebook, and probably Twitter, or on Adwords that lock search terms to your products or service.

More good news: Instead of spending promotional and advertising dollars on advertising and promotions that can’t be tracked or measured, you can spend that money on a freelance or contract resource to produce and broadcast your content more effectively and for less than an on-board, salaried employee.

Someone who can and will work with your current staff–or directly with YOU–to show you how to create and sustain a strong content marketing program.

Someone, more likely than not,  who brings the knowledge and techniques of the young and the Web savvy along with the dry-aged seasoning of a journalist…someone who knows how to write headlines, and body copy that is sticky, that gets read, and shared. In other words, a happy huckster.

“Where do I find such a resource?” you ask.

Call me. Let’s talk. For half the in-house cost of a social/content guru, you can get a gun for hire.

Stop worrying about whether or not you turned the stone off.

We’ve got this.


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