Who is Vonstipatz? Tom Stevens, that’s who. Hire him and he’ll tell you the story behind the pseudonym.  Poke around–everything here was penned by, designed by, photographed by or creative directed by Tom–from video scripts to blurbs, tag lines, book excerpts, blog entries and more. As a creative director, Tom has developed interlocking skills across digital platforms over the course of 20+ years, working both independently and with a team. If you’re looking for versatility seasoned by agency experience, cutting across product categories and disciplines, Tom has you covered.

Chevy retail print: 3-page Corvette spread; 2-page Camaro ZL1 spread; Silverado 3-page spread/concepts, headlines, copy and design by Tom.



Spec Print Campaign (2-page spread) for Rayban targeted at creative millennials in film Shot in Ft. Lauderdale with talent from Full Sail University, concept and art direction by Tom. “Documenting the dream” tagline highlights independent film writers, directors and producers identified with the RayBan brand.


The creative execution for this $50,000 full-page color ad in Time magazine was totally off strategy, wasting an ideal opportunity to exploit the “Un-sneaker” shoe with a headline that makes little sense: We’re Bullish On Comfort. The revamped ad appeals to “your” ability to get away with something if you buy this shoe, i.e., “sneak into work” and provides a nice opportunity for a stinger at the end of the body copy: “Pretty sneaky, huh?”
Amazing that some account executive got this print ad approved, and that someone representing the shoe company–which has been around since 1930–did too. Looking for smarter execution of your advertising, the kind that makes the cash register ring? Call me.
 metro_vibe_fisker_coverDigital platforms are feasting on print’s centuries-long dominance. As a result, magazines and newspapers have begun to go hybrid, adding multi-media into the mix both on-line and in tablet and mobile versions of their print editions. Above is an example of a monthly entertainment tabloid that Tom assisted in taking its first steps into merging a 25,000-copy monthly presence with social media, including QR codes and video. Tom also wrote editorial content for Michigan’s MetroVibe including a co-op ad program with Porsche Northe America heralding the introduction of the all new 911 Cabriolet in 2012. See below:
How many Porsche 911s did this ‘advertorial’ move? At least one that we know of. Only one? At $109,000, that’s not a bad rate of return.

ABOVE: Fanciful flak written to drive shoppers in droves…to Birmingham! Tagline: The Freshest Downtown Around.

Trade Advertising & Outdoor for The American & Steel Institute

Here is an example of a $750 thousand dollar campaign written by Tom for The American Iron and Steel Institute, intended to increase the use of engineered steel components in domestically manufactured vehicles–SUVs and crossovers in particular. The notion of a powerful “comic book character” was invented in “Justin Steel.” The goal, logically enough, was to sell more steel and draw attention to advanced methods for lighter-but-stronger steel body construction. This billboard appeared on Detroit’s I-75 freeway backed by print ads in trade pubs targeted to engineers.



ABOVE: Concept & Execution for point-of-purchase floor advertising for P&G’s Clorox bleach, to appear in the bleach aisle in retail stores.

One Man’s Modern, a coffee table book, which followed Von’s design of a 3000 square foot passive-energy modern lake house which was a candidate for Dwell magazine’s Top 100 Best Modern Homes issue. (If you look closely, that’s Vonstipatz standing there in front of the thing).



Detroit Free Press Re-Branding Campaign: The People Behind the Paper. Tom interviewed the Freep’s best people, from the publisher on down, for a print and television thrust to humanize the newspaper during a contentious labor strike. The campaign was well-received and the Freep soldiered on.

Blog copy for Ford’s expanding “smart car” technology and its application in improving people’s lives.

Blog copy for ReCellular website highlighting emerging smartphone technologies. Tom also created the graphic combining line art and photography, utilizing Photoshop.


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