Tom has an extensive background in writing and producing radio, television and video. From script to production to post, you’ll find on-budget creative that sings. From :30 second spots to long form corporate video (and even reality television!) let Tom be your go-to.


Detroit Free Press/Red Wings :60 Seconds The :60 second spot here was written for the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit Red Wings, using a terrific VO talent named Ed Kelly who perfectly nailed a John Cleese-sound-alike to promote both paper and ticket sales. Tom has a rep as one of the most imaginative audio writers and producers available–take advantage of it!

Greater Detroit Chevy Dealers/Camaro retail :60 WRIF’s Lynn Woodson was a good sport doing the VO on this “springy” retail spot for Camaro. After 17 retakes, she finally delivered the line “to play with” (don’t miss it!) with exactly the amount of naughty sass that Tom demanded. 😉

Volvo Retail :60/The Suburban Collection To amplify the message that Volvo is “intelligently engineered” an authoritative college professor VO was used.

Person voting

Our Right to Vote/Detroit Free Press One spot I’m most proud of, this public service announcement sponsored by the Detroit Free Press and voiced by Tom Ingram.

The People Behind the Paper/:30 TV Tom’s branding campaign for the Detroit Free Press personalized the newspaper’s staff from the publisher on down. Sadly, many local city newspapers are struggling, or dying. Nothing remains but change.


ReCellular web video Written and produced by Tom to illustrate the process for a company that re-purposed 400,000 feature phones monthly at its peak.


Elite Ink Tattoo/:30TV, web Here’s a fun take on laser tattoo removal–this Michigan company gets ’em coming and going–without words.

Smart Car of Bloomfield Hills, MI :30TV Produced on a micro-budget, Tom had to shoot, edit and voiceover this spot himself.


Mr. Pita (one of six spots) retail campaign, :30TV


One Hour Martinizing, national spot, :30TV A super fun spot to produce, written and illustrated and produced by Tom.


Gladiance Trade Shop loop/Home & Business Automation Apps