The Raw Magic of Desire & Brand


In my previous post I wrote very simply about some rather obvious truths related to brand building.

Broken down, building a brand is selling whatever that brand produces…whether you are a brand of ONE or a monolithic corporation like Apple.

I believe, however, that I neglected to offer more precise and practical instructions on how to achieve the kind of success we admire–and lay our $$$ down for–and that is the magic that makes us desire what we see so strongly that we will go through hell and high water to pay for it.

Remember: virtually every purchase decision beyond necessary commodities (soap, water, tires for the car) is driven by desire. Illustration? We have to have soap that we may be able to get for 50 cents a bar, but we’ll pay $7 a bar for L’Oreal; water we can get for pennies from the tap but plenty will pay $8 for a six pack of Fiji water.

All desire contains two stories–the internal story that is in our minds and fantasies alone, and the external story that smart brands create and tell to us, and when the two resonate another effect is created: cha-ching!

So, what are you selling…and what is it that you, the sales person desires besides the sale? What motivates YOU?

The answer is, the same thing or things that motivate everyone. Your job is to dig deep and get to know and understand your desires, to become fluent in the language of desire, so that you can speak it loudly on behalf of your brand.

Why is the Apple iPhone so desirable? Or the Ferrari? Or Tiffany jewels?

Can you fund a way to elevate the quality of your brand to those levels? If not, maybe you need a better brand, or else a lot of make up and maybe some smoke and mirrors.

The more pure the product or service, the easier it is to sell.

Now we’re talking about quality, and quality control. A subject of my next blog.

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