What is Life?

“Inanimate” objects seem to be alive. Are they not alive? You be the judge.

Forgive me.

This post is not about branding, per se, or SEO or geo-local-mobile-responsive UI or UX or any of the above.

It’s about Life…and what life is or isn’t—as we toil diligently, or operate recklessly, or wander ineffectually—under the brilliant, burning star we call the Sun.

We’ve all got to work, to pay the bills, to support our children, to build a retirement, to purchase groceries and health insurance and all of that tommyrot we don’t really have much choice about…unless we want to try living off the grid in a rain forest somewhere. Maybe not a bad idea, but…

In the meantime, where do we draw our sustenance? Our spiritual sustenance, that is? What is life? Is it a life without love? And what exactly is love? Where is love encoded in the construct of the universe when we–the beings who experience it (if we are lucky) disappear, along with the planet, when our star the Sun burns up all its nuclear fuel, reducing us and Earth and everything on it into a cinder?

So, as we look up from our computer screens, to look into one another’s eyes…and I hope you will take the opportunity to do this today, for only a few seconds, with purpose and sincerity…what do you see? What animates us?

What indeed is life? There’s a great article in the New York Times on this very subject, that led me to this video, possibly one of the most moving, emotionally poignant videos I have ever seen. Maybe it’s the beautiful classical music on the video that amplifies my emotions; like love, and life itself, what makes such beautiful music what it is?

What intangible qualities constitute life, life that transcends death and reappears over and over in different forms and in different places–both on our planet and throughout the universe?

A nice break from branding and SEO, don’t you think?



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